Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Marketing and Education

Brand Management

Maya Embar designed, created and implemented the logo that will be used for the Rice Campus Sustainability Project. 

Maya Embar & Katelyn Holmberg designed and created the RCSP Poster that is part of our brand.
The poster will be a living documentation of the Rice Campus Sustainability Project.

Each semester the words will change denoting the Current, Short-term and Long-term goals.
When a goal has been achieved, the text will be grayed out.

Turn the Lights Off Sign

A sign was designed that was posted in the classrooms at Rice Campus asking people to turn the lights off when exiting the room.

Media Exposure

Ads were posted on Facebook pages and Blogs to attract attention to the IPRO and generate awareness of the projects that are being done. 

A QR code was created that we intend to use on all Marketing literature and to distribute around both campuses in order to continue to educate people about the RCSP.


Bridge Table
Engaged with students about the IPRO
Continued Brand Management
Handed out Brochure that was created

Future Projects

Recycle Day (to be hosted at Rice) – SCARCE
Promotional Items
Proceeds will be put back into the RCSP
Fundraiser and Brand Management

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