Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Background and Contact Information

The Rice Campus Sustainability Project was created as an IPRO (Inter Professional Project) at Chicago's Illinois Institute of Technology.

The purpose of this first, of what will hopefully be an ongoing, IPRO team, is to engage students in the collaborative examination and analysis of the actual place and practices at the IIT Rice Campus in Wheaton, such that they can propose methods to increase sustainable practices at that campus.

The framework of The IIT Campus Sustainability Plan 2010-2020 will be used and these areas, as written in the plan, may be examined:  transportation, storm water/landscape, material flow and waste management, green building, food, energy and emissions.   

Students may also become aware of federal, state and local policies as they investigate the possible sustainable measures that could be implemented. 

Ongoing goals are to integrate new, student advocated and designed sustainable practices in the above areas, with the ultimate goal being that “IIT-(Rice Campus) will become the most sustainable (sub)urban, university campus in the United States.”

See the IIT Campus Sustainability Plan at www.iit.edu/campus-sustainability

The Rice Campus Sustainability Project Team has worked very hard doing research and creating the foundation for the ongoing project. The Team divided into subgroups to explore the following areas:

Marketing & Education
Maya & Katelyn

Lighting & Energy
David & Bill

Heating & Air Conditioning
Brian & Ben

Water & Landscape & The Roof
Tristan & Ben

Waste Management
Brian & Katelyn

Posts for the progress each team will be made separately.

The Rice Campus Sustainability Project will be continuing at IIT in the Fall of 2013, and we feel confident that there are enough goals and sustainable measure to be implemented to continue long after that. We also hope that the RCSP will take off and have a life of its own beyond IIT.

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